Trivial Pursuits

trivial_pursuit_thumb-jpgPresented By Grassroots Productions

Starring Frank Vickery and Sue Roderick.

The Trealow and West Amateur Theatrical Society are about to cast their next production and due to the credit crunch, Nick their director has to wrestle with some difficult choices in financing and casting the production. So he invites a few actors and some of the committee to a summer barbecue at his home to announce his decision.

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As the evening progresses, and the alcohol flows Nick ends up promising a different show and the lead part to more than one actor! Meanwhile the party goes into the wee small hours revealing a blackmail plot, a possible affair, an attempted suicide and a twist at the end that will surprise you all.

Frank himself is playing the roll of TEDDY; you’ll remember him from GRANNY ANNIE, alongside his drunken sidekick JOYCE. If you enjoyed Granny Annie, you will love TRIVIAL PURSUITS!!

This is Frank Vickery at his comedic best – with biting one-liners, moments of pure slapstick and hilarious farce. Don’t miss it. You’ll die laughing!!!

Don’t miss it….. you’ll die laughing!

Trivial Pursuits Cast

Frank Vickery
Sue Roderick
Michelle McTiernan
Laura Bridgewater
Mari Arnold
Pat Wright
Richard Tunley

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