Tonto Evans

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Written by and Starring Frank Vickery

Ray ’Tonto’ Evans, ex-miner, country and western fanatic, given to dressing up as a Native American, feathered headdress and all, has come into money. He dreams of visiting the Wild West and eating beans by the campfire, but Mair, his long suffering wife of 30 years has other ideas.

They wrangle non-stop, while their son and his dozy wife prepare for a trip to Disneyland with their share of the windfall. But all their plans are put on hold by a murder inquiry conducted by the other son who happens to be the overly enthusiastic local plod. Where will it all end? And ’How’!?

This is one of Frank’s most ingenious comedies, packed with laugh out loud one-liners and moments of pure slapstick. It’s the rootin’ tootin’ cowboy comedy of the year

Don’t miss it….. you’ll die laughing!

Tonto Evans Cast

Frank Vickery Ray ‘Tonto’ Evans

Iris Griffiths as Mair

Maxine Evans as Pat

Richard Tunley as John

Lee Gilbert as Wayne

Lorraine John as Wendy

Tonto Evans Review

Swansea Grand Theatre

Welsh playwright Frank Vickery has a gift for creating richly comic characters whose traits and foibles are instantly recognisable and observed with pinpoint accuracy.

This new comedy sees Vickery returning to the hugely satisfying sitcom-style brand of comedy which initially endeared him to legions of fans – and it looks set to become every bit as popular as its predecessors.

The story chronicles a day in the life of Tonto Evans (Vickery), an embittered character who is confined to bed in a grimy living room, surrounded by Wild West memorabilia and the trappings of chronic illness: pill bottles, a nebuliser, a commode and the ever-present can of apple-scented air freshener.

Tonto dreams of visiting America, but his shrewish wife Mair (Marilyn Hodge) has other ideas. The barbed exchanges between the characters are deliciously sharp and well crafted, and the laughs come thick and fast as the story unfolds.

Tonto’s sons John and Wayne, played by Richard Tunley and Lee Gilbert, become embroiled in the shenanigans, as does Lynfa Ackerman as Pat, an inquisitive neighbour with a natty line in soiled leggings and egg-stained T-shirts – but the biggest belly-laughs are reserved for Lorraine John’s glorious portrayal of daughter-in-law Wendy, who seems to live her entire life in slow motion.

This is undoubtedly one of Frank Vickery’s finest comic offerings to date, and it is destined to become a classic of its kind. At a time when the theatrical scene in and around South Wales is positively thriving, this is exactly the kind of production guaranteed to get people through the doors – and long may it be so.



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