Family Planning

family_planning_thumb-jpgWhen young Tracy discovers she is pregnant she doesn’t know how to tell either her parents-solid, dependable Elsie and hypochondriac Idris-or her boyfriend, Bobby. Gran, permanently esconsed in bed (on stage), knows all and sees all, helps to pave the way for her announcement.

Unfortunately, Idris-overhearing Tracy and Elsie- jumps to the wrong conclusion and believes he has but a short time to live!

Next door neighbour Maisey butts in when Bobby is speaking to Idris and after liberal measures of gin all round, proceeds to show her true affections for Idris

Misunderstandings and mishaps abound in the second Act, not least with Gran, and events are brought to a riotous conclusion when Maisey tries to apologise and Elsie catches her at it!


Frank Vickery, Lyn Hunter, Michelle McTernan, Darren Evans and Richard Tunley.

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