Erogenous Zones

erozenous_zone_thumb-jpgWritten by Frank Vickery

Directed by Phil Clark

Ian H Watkins from pop super-group Steps and fresh from the hit musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, makes a welcome return in this ingenious comedy. Erogenous Zones is Frank Vickery’s most slick and sophisticated writing to date, it’s not just cleverly constructed, it’s painfully funny!

Michael is in love with his flatmate, who in turn is having an affair with Lesley, whose husband Tom seeks respite from their failing marriage in the arms of Alison. Confused? So are they! In this bitter-sweet comedy Vickery weaves a web of sexual intrigue around five hormonally challenged individuals.

Don’t miss it….. you’ll die laughing!

Erogenous Zones Photos


Ian H Watkins as Michael

Lewis Cook as Andrew

Michelle McTernan as Lesley

Victoria Pugh as Alison

Ross O’Hennessy as Tom


The Sherman Theatre

September 25 2001

The elegance of the design by Fiona Watt and the expert execution of the set proclaimed this production as ‘Quality Theatre’ the moment I entered the auditorium. As the play progressed, the set, with its interchanging locations, became another character in the play.

Each member of the cast, Beth Roberts, Ri Richards, Aled Pugh, Richard Elfyn and Darren Lawrence gave such a consummate interpretation of their roles and continuously made tremendous contact with the audience.

The plot contained all the complex mix-ups associated with an old ‘Brian Rix’ farce and these moments were most robustly played up by the actors. Such a closely knit team all playing off one another with a subtle dexterity only seen at the top! It was so great to sit in a completely full Sherman auditorium.

Frank Vickery was once described as the Alan Ayckbourn of the valleys. Here he out Ayckbourns Ayckbourn, not only does he manipulate time, but space as well. There is also some immaculate playing with words. Being at play is at the heart of Steve Fisher’s production. He paces the play immaculately. Writer and director take a bold, brave stand with the ending which features tremendous realistic acting from all the cast, sending the audience home completely satisfied. There’s no point in going on. It was great.

Both Frank Vickery and Phil Clark (Sherman Theatre Artistic Director) have more than their fair share of critics and detractors, but if this quality of work is kept up they will annihilate them all.

I have no journalistic training, I write from the inside, from virtually on the stage. I know bad theatre when I see it and will be the first to speak out against it and hopefully offer a way in which in can be put right. Equally when I experience quality Welsh Theatre my joy knows no bounds and last night I leapt with joy down several yards of Senghenydd Road before I reached my car—-Oh just go and see it!

Michael Kelligan

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